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Rosin Tech Cutting Mill™

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Rosin Tech Cutting Mill™

$ 130,000.00

A Must for Any Serious Manufacturer or Dispensary

Reach new vistas of efficiency while refining your product with the Variable Speed Cutting Mill with Bulk Solid Feeding System. More than an industrial grinder, this first-of-its-kind cutting mill achieves speeds of 3,000 RPM using the combined efforts of 6 stationary blades and 6 rotating blades to make short work of even the most tenacious bud, resulting in a smooth even grind that’s perfect for mass filling pre-rolls as well as lending to a more thorough extraction process. You have full control of the grind size dependent on sieve selection and the adjustable blade gap. You also set the controls for the milling, clearly readable on the display for your convenience.

The display includes speed (which is selected by the operator), temperature (with automatic regulatory features), run time, operator name, date and time, and specific material information. This cutting edge machine also produces reports so you can hone your process and improve your results or simply record what works for you. Alarms, events, or faults that happen during run time will be logged and have an action displayed on the screen so you can recover the system.  When the alarm is cleared, the action taken will also be logged. The parameter change log will be accessible for administrators of the machine.  This will include parameters that were changed, old values, new values, date, time, and the person who changed the parameters.

All parts of the machine that come into contact with your product are constructed from food grade stainless steel whereas the base of the mill is comprised of a resilient polymer composite resin to efficiently muffle vibration.

The chamber itself offers a generous 1.3L volume capacity, excluding the rotating cutter head. Safety is maintained through the auto feeder with 100 RPM rotating drum and auger.

The mill includes 3 x 10mm sieves to get you started.

General Machine Specifications

  • Cutting Speed: Variable 0 - 3000 RPM
  • Cutting Chamber Size: 7.75" diameter
  • Sample Input Size: 3.25" diameter
  • Material Throughput Volume: Approx. 10kg/hr target at 10mm final particle size (dependent on material input)
  • Continuous Torque: 41.4Nm
  • Peak Torque: 93.5Nm
  • Display/Machine Control: 9" HMI
  • Sieve Material: 316 stainless steel (3 x 10mm sieves included)
  • Electrical: 480V 3 Phase
  • Machine Weight: Approx. 2,000 lbs. (estimated)
  • Dimensions (Without Stand): Length - 60" x Width - 60" x Height - 80"
    General Machine Specifications
    • Voltage: 400-480V, 50-60Hz, 3-Phase with 30A Draw
    • HMI Comfort Panel with CSV Data Export to Shared Folder on the Network
    • PLC With ProfiSafe system
    • E-Stop within operator reach
    • All parts that touch product are built from food grade stainless steel
    • Machine base comprised of polymer composite resin
    • Equipped with an on-board UPS to protect from power failures/interruptions
    • Two Thermocouples one in the chamber one on the cheek plate
      • -200 to +1250C Range
      • +/- 1.5C Accuracy
    Main Cutting Mill Specifications
    • 8.2kW Motor with Speed of 3,000 RPM
    • 6 stationary cutting knives
    • 6 rotating cutting knives
    • 80in2 [1.3L] chamber volume (excluding rotating cutter head)
    • Replaceable sieves
    • Performance Level D safety rating with ProfiSafe PLC and dual redundant STO contacts for main grinder
    • Designed for reduction of plant material. Final output particle size is dependent on sieve selection and blade gap

    Auto Feeder Specifications

    • Rotating drum
      • 1kW Motor with Speed 100 RPM
    • Rotating Auger
      • 1kW Motor with Speed 100 RPM
    • 2100in2 [34.4L] hopper volume
    • Performance Level C safety rating

    Display Information

    • Speed – Set by the operator
    • Temperature – Auto feeder system will slow down and / or shut down if temperature is too high. Critical/max temp to be determined by customer.
    • Run time displayed – hr:mn: sc
    • Operator name – This will also include security permissions for the operator
    • Date and time – This information will be auto populated and cannot be changed by the operator. Date/time will automatically adjust to daylight savings time.
    • Material information – Lot #, Batch #, Name, etc.

    Run Time Data/Reporting

    • All parameters configured at the start of the run will be shown in the heading or top section of the report.
    • Run cycle data will be output to CSV file.
    • Network configurations/data collection – Files will be auto saved to a local hard drive/drives for retrieval. The machine will include (2) hard drives.

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