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New Automatic Presses in Stock!
New Automatic Presses in Stock!

Hashtek Cannabis Tumbler (Dry Sift Extractor)

by Hashtek
Original price $ 20,599.00 - Original price $ 20,599.00
Original price
$ 20,599.00
$ 20,599.00 - $ 20,599.00
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The Hashtek Cannabis Tumbler is a commercial grade stainless-steel tumbler designed for sanitary dry sift extraction. Dry sift typically ranges in potency from 30 – 60% THC. It is a solventless extraction technique that mechanically separates trichomes from plant matter.

Dry sift is most often used to make traditional hash, which is a malleable, sticky dark resin. Traditional hash is often mixed with dried cannabis or tobacco when smoked.


  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Sanitary welded design
  • Interchangeable Screens
  • Screen Micron Sizes 100, 150, 180, 200, 220, 300
  • Replacement screens are available.
  • We can special order additional micron sizes, please contact for more info.
  • 200 micron is our most popular screen and default size that ships with the tumbler if not otherwise specified
  • 25 lb (12 kg capacity)
  • Sloped Bottom
  • 6″ Tri Clamp – Kief collection port
  • Ball Valve for solvent removal after CIP
  • Sealed collection basin for CIP (cleaning in place) w/ ISO or Rezolve
  • Dimensions: 60″ x 38″ x 55″ with a dry weight of 345 lbs
  • Download Printable Product Spec Sheet [PDF].

Our Cannabis Tumbler is the only one on the market that is designed for proper cleaning and sanitation. We’ve made our collection basin fully water tight. Simply cap the 6″ collection port and fill with a resin removing non-polar solvent like 30% ISO or Rezolve. Then simply run the tumbler on the lowest speed setting to clean. When finished use the drain valve to remove the solvent for re-use down the road.  Finish with a sanitizer such as Shyield for full disinfection. We can provide validation studies for this process if required by your QA team.

One advantage of dry tumbling is that the biomass and final product both come out dry, so they can be further re-processed in solvent based lines like CO2 or Ethanol (to make distillate or RSO style products).

Traditional hash is much cheaper to produce than bubble hash, and thus can be sold at a lower price point. This makes it a great volume driver. We have customers paying off their tumblers multiple times over every month with the revenue they bring in.