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Lab Equipment Starter Kit,  by Rosin Tech Products available at rosintechproducts.com

Rosin Tech Products

Lab Equipment Starter Kit

$ 19,810.00

Ultimate Solventless Extraction Lab

1x Rosin Tech Pro

1x Harvest Right Medium Pharmaceutical

1x BUBBLEATOR XL + 4 Bag Set

1x Manitowoc Ice Maker and Storage Bin (IR0906A-261 with D-570 storage bin)

1x Optipure BWS350-175

1x Prep Sink 3-Bay 18g 18x18x12 SS w Drainboards & overhead faucet

2x 30x60 16g Stainless steel Work Table

500 Pack of RTP Rosin Filter Bags - 1.75 inch by 5 inch bags (25u)

500 Pack 10 x 8 Parchment Paper

1x RTP Pre Press Large

1x XL Scrapper

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