Frequently Asked Questions


What unit of currency does your site use? 

If you’re looking at our U.S. site (, then currency is listed in U.S. Dollars. If you’re looking at our European site (, then currency is listed in Euros.

Will I be charged taxes and/or duties on my order? 

Taxes and duties are dependent on when you receive your order. If you’re charged tax on your order, the taxes will automatically appear in your shopping cart upon checkout or on your invoice if you’re purchasing directly through one of our sales reps. Duties are also dependent on country and are handled on the customer’s end when outside of the U.S. and Europe.

What if I don’t see my question here?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have pertaining to our solventless extraction equipment. To reach us directly with your question, simply send your message in the pop-up chat window in the lower righthand side of our website. You can also contact us by email at or speak with a representative of our customer support team by phone at 888-832-6746.


How safe are your rosin presses?

Solventless extraction is one of the safest methods of extraction in the industry and falls under the umbrella of “non-volatile extraction”, meaning no butane, ethanol or CO2 is required.

My rosin press has lost pressure. How do I fix it?

Carefully tighten the Hydraulic Knob until snug. Be careful not to over-tighten it.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your rosin presses?

Each of our rosin presses comes backed by a 1-year warranty with the exception of the Rosin Tech Precision Rosin Press™ which is supported by a 3-year warranty.

What material is used in the manufacturing of Rosin Tech Products’ heat plates?

All of our heat plates are crafted from high quality aluminum for efficient heating and quick cooling.

What are the compressed air requirements for Rosin Tech Products’ rosin presses?

We recommend a 150 psi air compressor for our commercial rosin presses. Most standard air compressors available from your local hardware store should do the trick.

Why should I use a pre-press mold?

We’ve found that using a pre-press mold is an effective way to increase your yield. The use of a pre-press mold can also prevent space from forming within the filter bags. Since excess space can trap oil, you want to do everything you can to prevent these spaces from forming. We highly recommend using pre-press molds when pressing ice water hash (a.k.a. bubble hash), dry-sift, shake and trim.

What is the lead time on your rosin presses?

All of our rosin presses, PollenMaster dry sift tumblers, and accessories ship next-day from our warehouse in Los Angeles (U.S. orders) or our warehouse in Prague (European orders). Once you place your order, tracking information will be sent to you via email. If you do not receive this email, please make sure to check your spam folder. Since our site updates inventory in real time, you can check the latest availability of a product by going directly to the product’s page.

How are your rosin presses shipped?

All of our rosin presses, PollenMaster dry sift tumblers and accessories ship in discreet, non-descript boxes. Any commercial-sized rosin presses that ship freight will be delivered via a truck with a lift gate.

What kind of service or maintenance do your rosin presses require?

Our home use rosin presses require minimal service and maintenance. We do recommend occasionally cleaning your plates while they are still warm with 99% isopropyl alcohol (or the highest percentage isopropyl alcohol you can get). We also offer maintenance services for our commercial rosin press models. For information about our maintenance services, please contact us by email at

What if I have an issue with my rosin press that isn’t covered here?

Our customer support team is happy to help with any additional performance issues and troubleshooting. You can reach our representatives by email at, by phone at 888-832-6746, or by accessing the chat window in the lower right corner of our website.

Are Rosin Tech Products rosin presses UL listed?

While all of our commercial units are UL-compliant and built to meet the exacting UL standards, we are still in the process of getting our commercial rosin presses UL listed.

Do you have any portable rosin presses available?

Rosin Tech Products offers 11 different models of rosin presses, each designed with a distinct form of extraction in mind, including the portable Rosin Tech Go™. If you’d like to speak in-depth about which rosin press would be the best fit for your specific situation, please contact one of our solventless experts by email at or by phone at 888-266-2147. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect press for your unique extraction needs.

How much power do your rosin presses use?

Our electric rosin presses require a minimal amount of power and electricity. We recommend 110V when operating one of our presses in the U.S. All our rosin presses in Europe come with 220V plugs. 220V plugs are also available worldwide by request.

Will my 110V rosin press work in Europe with a wall converter?

If you currently have a 110V rosin press model in a location where 220V is the standard, a converter and adapter are necessary for operation. Otherwise, we offer 220V rosin presses through our European site ( that ship next day from Prague.

Where can I find the user manual for my rosin press model online?

While all of our rosin presses and PollenMaster dry sift tumblers include user manuals, you can find digital versions online at our Rosin Tech Products Product Manuals Center(

My press is leaking oil. What do I do?

If it appears that oil is leaking from your rosin press, please contact our customer service team at or call us at 888-832-6746 so we can troubleshoot the problem.


What are your rosin bags made from?

Rosin Tech Products rosin bags are created from high quality nylon mesh.

How much material can fit into Rosin Tech Products rosin bags?

Rosin bag capacity depends on which filter bag you are using and the type of material for which you’re using it. We currently offer 4 different sizes of filter bags, each with their own capacity:

Small Bag (1.25” x 3.25”) – holds up to 1/8 ounce (flower)

Medium Bag (2” x 3.5”) – holds up to 1/4 ounce (flower)

Large Bag (1.75” x 5”) – holds up to 1/2 ounce (flower)

Extra Large Bag (1.75” x 8”) – holds up to 1 ounce (flower)

When working with finer material such as dry sift or bubble hash, you can fit 3 – 4 more grams in the large and extra-large bags.

Do your rosin bags work with any rosin press or only Rosin Tech Products brand rosin presses?

While our rosin bags are designed to be compatible with any rosin press, regardless of brand, they are specifically designed for pressing rosin and shouldn’t be used for any purposes beyond this function. We’ve designed our filter bags longer and thinner than most other bags on the market to allow your oil to escape as quickly and efficiently as possible. These filter bags are also supported by ultrasonic sealing to reduce the chance of blowouts and wasted product.

What is the maximum temperature that Rosin Tech Products rosin bags can endure?

We always recommend lower temperatures when pressing and would caution against exceeding 300°F (150°C).

Can your rosin bags be used multiple times or are they one-use only?

While you can only fill each bag one time, you can use the same bag for a second press with the same material. 

Do I have to use a rosin bag when pressing rosin?

When working with loose material and larger quantities, we always recommend using a filter bag. The filter bag provides a much-needed barrier between your plant material and rosin.

What type of paper is used for Rosin Tech Products parchment paper?

We use our own proprietary FDA and kosher-compliant parchment paper.