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Consulting Services

Hash and Cannabis Market Overview Consultations

The cannabis industry has taken the country by storm with a wide variety of opportunities available. SHO Products expertise will expand your knowledge within the industry. Our service aids in both production matters as well as the consumer outlook on the industry to create effective innovations and impacts on it's future. 

Areas of Consulting:

  • All varieties of cannabis including but not limited to indica, sativa, hybrids, ruderalis. 
  • Types of hash including but not limited, SHO, BHO, PHO, bubble hash, dry sift. 
  • Best strains and genetics depending on application  
  • Manufacturing of cannabis infused products, such as, edibles or topical creams
  • Manipulation of cannabis and cannabis oil 
  • Quality control from seed to harvest and moving into production
  • Material Sourcing
  • Branding and business development 
  • Forecasting market trends

Production and Team Training Consultations:

Growing cannabis is only half the battle. SHO Products has proven S.O.P's and guidelines to create successful and profitable extraction labs focused on Solventless Hash Oil (SHO). Hands on training and demos with SHO Products professionals has increased productivity, organization, waste reduction and overall success benefiting dozens of individuals and companies.  

Our Expertise:

  • Flower Rosin 

  • Dry Sift Rosin

  • Hash Rosin 

  • Live Rosin

  • Dry Sift Collection

  • Bubble Hash Process 

  • Creating Solventless Sauce

  • Infused Products

  • Storage of Materials

  • Packaging of Products

  • Harvesting Grown Materials

  • Bookkeeping of Records & Analysis

  • Conducting Quality Control  

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