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Multiplex SC340 Super-Chil Ice Water Chiller

Rosin Tech Products

Multiplex SC340 Super-Chil Ice Water Chiller

$ 2,633.00

Compact Refrigeration with Generous Ice Bank Volume

The Multiplex SC340 Super-Chil Ice Water Chiller provides the efficiency you need for chilling water to a controlled temperature; a crucial step in ice water hash extraction. This chiller allows you to set precise temperatures, allowing for unmatched consistency in not only achieving but maintaining a specific temperature for your ice water. Featuring a rugged stainless-steel cabinet that’s easy to clean and maintain, this ice water chiller offers a generous ice bank of 60-pound capacity while remaining compact thanks to a fully self-contained condenser. The SC340 is a hygienic chiller with CE, SA, UL, and NSF certifications. 

  • Dimensions: 36.125” (W) x 19.25” (D) x 21.625” (H)
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Primary Power Input: 115-120 V x 60Hz x 1 PH
  • Certifications: CE, SA, UL, NSF
  • Ice Bank Size: 60 lbs.

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