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PollenMaster 1500 Processes Up to 3.5Lbs of Product Per Cycle dry sift tumbler, dry sift collector, kief extraction, kief extractor. Load Material and Turn on, Entire Process Takes 15 Minutes

Pollen Masters

PollenMaster 1500

$ 1,350.00


The PollenMaster 1500 processes 1.5kg (3.5lbs) of leaf, flower or trimmings per cycle. The entire process takes only 15 minutes! The ultimate dry sift tumbler and kief extractor. 

The PollenMaster is shipped with a 150 micron (regular) screen. Fine (125mc) and coarse (185mc) screens available for purchase on our website. 

Included in our Connoisseur Kit, the complete set up. 

Save time and money. Tumble your flowers, leaves, stems and trim quickly and efficiently. No messy bags, water or ice. No more waste. Simply load your frozen material into the drum and let the motor do the work!

All PollenMaster machines are proudly manufactured in the United States! All machines have a 1 year warranty, are easy to clean and feature fully accessible parts for effortless maintenance and repair. To speak to our quality of product, our demo model, built over 13 years ago is still in perfect working condition. We do not accept any returns on Pollen Masters, however defective units will be fixed with parts or replaced entirely. 

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