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Rosin Tech Cold Clean Water & Ice System™

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Rosin Tech Cold Clean Water & Ice System™

$ 68,000.00

Simplifying the Precision & Purity of Ice Water Extraction

The Rosin Tech Cold Clean Water & Ice System provides you with a highly efficient means of harvesting trichomes through a cold-water technique that leaves you with pure product and no contaminants. This system conveniently hooks directly to your main water supply and electrical system, using a full 3-stage reverse osmosis filtration system to rid the water of imperfections and contaminants. A generous 65-gallon holding tank uses constantly cycling Propylene Glycol to chill the purified water from 34° - 38°F. Level and temperature switches automatically regulate the water flow and water chiller so you can focus your attention on other matters. Any remaining bacteria is eliminated using a built-in ultraviolet light. This system allows you to add more ice or cold water as you see fit or use the built-in spray wand to spray down the bath, lid and sieves following the machine cycle. You don’t want to take any chances with your product and the Rosin Tech Cold Clean Water & Ice System thoroughly reduces your margin of error, paving the way for pure results.

Use with the Rosin Tech Hash Washer Pro™ for optimum product. 

  • Fully automated support skid for IWE machine
    • All components integrated on (1) skid
    • Easily placed into position with (4) steel casters
      • Can also be positioned with fork truck or pallet jack
    • No manual intervention
      • Automatic filtered, disinfected and chilled water supply
      • Automatic filtered, disinfected ice supply
    • Utility hook ups
      • City water
      • 230V single phase 60Hz power required
    • System controls panel
      • Siemens PLC
      • Siemens HMI with IP65 touch screen
      • Full system controls with diagnostic capabilities
    • Automatic solenoid operated water on/off valve
    • (3) stage reverse osmosis filter system
      • Easily accessible filters for quick change out
      • Integrated filter pump
    • 65 gallon stainless steel tank with chiller system
      • Able to supply 40 gallons of water to below 40F per hour (34-38 degrees Fahrenheit target)
      • Cooling tubes around tank to eliminate chance of contamination
      • Top removable with sealed cleanout cover
      • Insulation blanket to maintain temperature to maximum efficiency
      • Fluid temperature sensor
        • Automatically maintains water between 34–38 degrees Fahrenheit
      • Water level sensor
        • Automatically maintains fluid level in tank
      • Ultra violet light disinfectant systems
        • Ultraviolet water purification is the most effective method for disinfecting bacteria from the water. Ultraviolet (UV) rays disinfect bacteria and penetrate harmful pathogens destroying illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA).
      • Pump
        • Automatic water supply pump to wand or ice maker
      • Ice maker
        • Fully automatic - no manual intervention
        • Generates 40 lbs. of ice per hour
        • Geometrically correct ice cubes to maximize IWE throughput
        • Ice storage bin capable of 750 lbs. of ice
      • Wand
        • Manual IWE fill and wash down wand
      • Everything touching the ice and water are food grade materials

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