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Enjoying Dabs from the Lab to the Silicone Slab

Give your tabletops, floor and furniture the same respect you give your dabs by blanketing your operations with this Rosin Tech Labs 6 Round Silicone Dab Mat. The perfect launchpad for some truly out-of-this-world seshes, this non-stick dab mat shields your environment from sticky globs of concentrate, minimizing your mess and maximizing your satisfaction. Ever felt the pain of a sticky dollop of rosin slipping from your dabber onto your countertop? It's a bit worse than setting down a drink without a coaster. But with this dab mat in place, you can really relax into that sesh. Emblazoned with the Rosin Tech Labs logo, this high-quality silicone mat also reps one of the most state-of-the-art brands in the rosin game.

  • Crafted from high quality non-stick silicone
  • Measures a generous 6 diameter
  • Official Rosin Tech Labs product