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New Automatic Presses in Stock!
New Automatic Presses in Stock!

Rosin Tech Labs M-60 Rosin Press

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Want pro pressing done in the comforts of your home? Look no further than this compact rosin producing powerhouse, the Rosin Tech Labs M-60. This rosin press incorporates patent pending Flow Channel Technology that allows for a continuous loop of pressing, saving you the hassle of stopping and scraping! You can choose your pressing method with a series of included conversion plates: get things down to a science using the single-action plate or diamond-hard coated press plates and continuous flow collection plates for more confident work. With a self-collecting design, the fruits of your labors are carefully corralled into the non-stick FDA-approved collection tray. Relying on a fully electric means of operation, the M-60 lets you get to pressing right out of the box. Despite offering over 6000lbs. of crushing pressure, this compact 60-pound unit easily fits right on your countertop. So, if you're looking for your own personal rosin factory tucked into the corner of your kitchen, the M-60 delivers!
  • Press continuously using patent-pending Flow Channel Technology
  • Choose your pressing method with included conversion plates
  • Fully electric operation that allows you to get pressing right out of the box
  • Compact design fits right on your countertop
  • Offers over 6000 lbs. of pressure
  • No large footprint, no noisy air compressors, no manual cranks, and no complicated setups
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S. from rugged stainless steel
  • Crushes up to 15g of material per press (depending on density)
  • Self-contained 3-prong power supply
  • Solid state/UL components

Estimated yields: 10-15g material per pressing at a 15-20% yield = 2-3g concentrate / pressing. Thirty (30) presses per hour would yield 60-90g concentrate per hour. All yields are estimates and depend on a number of variables, including but not limited to: quality of material, type and size of pressing bags, pressing temperature, and more.