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New Automatic Presses in Stock!
New Automatic Presses in Stock!

Solventless Seminar Ticket Sept 30 & Oct 1

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Solventless Seminars brought to you by Hashtek, Rosin Tech Labs and Ras Kaya Paul from Pacific North West Roots.

Seminar Info


  • Sept 30 & Oct 1 


  • Torrance, CA 90501 - More info on location will be sent via email - See Hotels in the area


  • Hands on learning experience
  • Merch gift bag from Hashtek, Pacific NW Roots and Rosin Tech Labs
  • Breakfast and lunch included
  • Dinner and networking

Course Format

The format will be a two-day hands on course covering:

  • Basics of Genetics and Cultivation for Sustainable Resin Production
  • Harvesting Fresh Frozen
  • Hands-On Ice Water Extraction w/ a Hashtek A-series System
  • Freeze Drying – Optimal Settings
  • Air Drying – Advanced Techniques
  • Melt Vs Rosin
  • Live Hash Rosin Pressing on a RosinTech Press
  • Different Forms, Products and Textures you can make
  • Rosin Carts
  • Cold Cure
  • Packaging and Shelf Stability
  • Q&A with Kaya

About Kaya

Last year blogger Katherine Wolf featured Kaya in Skunk Magazine detailing The Story Behind Six-Star Hash at PNW Roots showing how Kaya creates his award-winning melt using a Hashtek 65t.

About Hashtek

Hashtek is a premium manufacturer of purpose built ice water and dry sift extraction systems. Promoting education in the community is one of our core principles, as anyone who follows our open-source hash blog will know. We are happy to be partnering with RosinTech and Kaya to bring you two-days of education, networking and hands-on experience in the science and art of solventless extraction.

About Rosin Tech Labs

Our journey into the world of hash began with a genuine passion for the product. We opted for the solventless approach driven by our deep appreciation for this artisan extraction method. Back in 2015, when we established Rosin Tech Products, the idea of solventless extracts was relatively new. Our goal was to empower individuals to create their own concentrates safely and conveniently at home. Collaborating with prominent hash artists, we refined techniques and championed novel solventless methods. Our unwavering commitment to promoting solventless extraction has always been rooted in our belief that it represents the pinnacle of cannabis consumption.

Right from the start, our ambition was clear - to craft our own exceptional hash. In 2018, this drive led us to a new phase as we initiated the establishment of Rosin Tech Labs. Through the licensing process, we set up our facility and equipped it with the award-winning equipment we have developed and curated. We selected Hashtek for our ice water extraction equipment because of their dedication to gentle and effective top-down trichome extraction. The core principle has always been to make the type of high quality hash that we would smoke.