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Thompson Duke MPM Semi-Automatic Mouthpiece Fastening Machine

Thompson Duke

Thompson Duke MPM Semi-Automatic Mouthpiece Fastening Machine

$ 3,500.00

Precise and Secure Mouthpiece Fastening for Rosin Carts and More

Take your dispensary’s production to its zenith with the Semi-Automatic Mouthpiece Fastening Machine from Thompson Duke. This foot pedal-operated machine excels at securely capping all manner of vape cartridge models with mouthpieces, quickly and precisely. Whether you’re working with screw top duckbill or circular vape cartridges, this industrial mouthpiece machine outfits them with their accommodating mouthpieces securely. You’re given full control of speed and direction, so you can even use this machine to uncap mouthpieces from cartridges. The adjustable torque ensures you can get an optimum fit for a wide variety of cartridge designs. As with any Thompson Duke product, safety is paramount, and the built-in clutch keeps your hands safe, releasing rotation when the desired torque setting is achieved. The portable bench design offers adjustable height for maximum comfort and ergonomic optimization for when you need to cap a lot of carts. Crafted from hygienic stainless-steel and attractive anodized aluminum by professional engineers in Portland, Oregon, this machine is easy to clean and maintain. Whether you’re working with rosin carts or solvent-based solutions like live resin cartridges, the Thompson Duke Semi-Automatic Mouthpiece Fastening Machine will save your dispensary time and money.

  • Foot pedal operated
  • Quickly fasten screw top duckbill and circular vape cartridge models
  • Universal guide fits most screw top vape cartridges
  • Adjustable direction and speed – easily switch from uncapping to capping and adjust the speed at which the machine rotates
  • Adjustable torque ensures proper tightening
  • Clutch releases rotation when torque setting is achieved
  • Flexible for use with different vape cartridge form factors and other containers
  • Portable benchtop design with adjustable height
  • Anodized aluminum and stainless-steel construction
  • 120V AC plug power
  • Includes Universal Duckbill Adapter and Universal Round Adapter

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